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Regardless of what your commercial property is, ABS Emergency Flood Rescue will restore it fully to its pre-disaster condition. We worked on all sorts of projects like military hangars, bakeries, banks, laboratories, etc. and every client was pleased with our service. As you can see there is nothing unfamiliar to us, our technicians worked with all types of delicate and sensitive equipment.

Our commercial restoration services include:
• Water damage restoration: Regardless if your business was flooded by the overflowing river or if it was just a pipe burst, ABS Emergency Flood Rescue is equipped to handle anything. Water can do a lot of damage to your business. It takes a lot of time to recover from it and your sensitive equipment is potentially destroyed. But with us, you won’t have to worry about anything. We can return your business in working condition faster than any of our competitors and we can recover valuable data and files.
• Fire damage restoration: Like water, fire can be devastating to your company. Burnt offices, toxic smoke, compromised structural integrity are just some of many problems affected businesses have to deal with. We know our work and when we say that we will recover your business to its previous condition, we mean it.
• Mold remediation: Mold is fairly common, especially on properties that have suffered recent water damage. People don’t think about it, but even the smallest water accident can create conditions for mold to form. ABS Emergency Flood Rescue can inspect your commercial property and find where mold is forming. From here we will use our special tools and equipment to remove every little bit of it, just to make sure it won’t return in the future.
• Item restoration and data recovery: Even if your business hasn’t suffered huge amounts of damage because your sprinklers kick in and stopped the fire from spreading, chances are that your files, documents, and other water sensitive equipment are soaking wet. We have our special methods that help us efficiently restore and recover even the most affected items. We can’t guarantee that everything is going to be salvaged, but it is better to try than to lose everything.
• Cleaning and odor removal: Lastly, if your business has a problem with an unpleasant odor, our technicians can locate the source of it and properly remove every trace. This can be anything from clogged pipes to dead rodents in your ventilation system. With our special equipment, we will completely remove the smell and not mask it like some other companies do.