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Call us : (469) 645-0800

ABS Emergency Flood Rescue loves to talk to its customers and clients. We value your opinion greatly and we use it to improve our services. On this page, you can find all of our contact information in case you have any questions for us.

Feedback is very important to us. We use it to improve our services and even add new features if customers demand it. We have a dedicated team that handles all our feedback messages and inspects them carefully. Additionally, you can write your experience with us and let other people know how well we did a restoration of your property. Good or bad, all feedback is appreciated.

Emergency contact
We have phone lines running 24/7 so don’t hesitate to call us at any time. In the case of an emergency, we will be there for you. Call us at this number (469) 645-0800 and someone will surely answer and explain to you our procedure.

Other questions
Lastly, you can ask us any question that you can’t find the answer on our website. People call us to ask about billing policies, restoration procedures, etc. Our support team will gladly answer all of them as best as they can.

Phone : (469) 645-0800
Address : Lewisville, TX