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Everybody knows how devastating a fire can be. Even the smallest one can cause huge amounts of damage to your home or business. But once the fire is extinguished the real problems begin. Fire restoration services often require more than just repairs to your walls, floors, and other affected areas. For example, firefighters usually leave water all over your property during their efforts to put out the fire and on top of that toxic smoke and soot is left lingering in rooms and on all surfaces.

Handling restoration of the house or office affected by fire requires a team of professionals and it shouldn’t be attempted by amateurs. Not only is the property structurally unsound, but it is also filled with toxic gasses that can cause some serious health problems if you don’t wear protective gear. ABS Emergency Flood Rescue has all necessary tools and equipment to safely handle jobs in such environments. Our workers are experienced in this type of work and already know what they can expect on jobs such as fire restoration.

Fire restoration process
Every restoration job is different and some require more services than others, but what goes in all our fire restoration jobs are these three steps.

1. Evaluation
First of all, we start our every restoration job with a thorough evaluation of the damaged property. We want to make sure that the area is safe and that the structure is not compromised. This helps us keep our workers and other properties around you safe. We will never skip this step because it also allows us to assess the damage and determine what tools we will be using and what the estimated price of our services is. Additionally, we will board-up your house to prevent any further damage from potential storms and other weather conditions.

2. Removal of water, smoke and soot
Once we know what we are facing, our workers can start cleaning all the debris and residual water that is left after the firefighters` efforts to extinguish the fire. Every piece of furniture that is affected by both fire and water damage goes to evaluation to determine if the restoration is an option, but if it is not possible to restore it, ABS Emergency Flood Rescue will dispose of it properly and according to regulations. One more thing that requires expert hands and equipment is smoke and soot cleanup. Don’t forget that smoke is toxic and can cause huge health problems if protective masks are not worn inside the affected rooms.

3. Cleaning and restoration
Lastly, we will restore your walls and floors to pre-fire condition, so there is no need to hire any other company for these tasks. We can paint your drywall, put new carpets, remove any bad odor from the rooms and clean everything after so there is no dirty spot left in the house. These three steps are essential, but if your property is more severely damaged, we will probably need more time and work to fix and repair everything.

We are available 24/7
Given that the emergencies don’t choose a time to strike, we have made our services available 24 hours a day and every day in a week. In situations like fire disasters, it is very important to contact the restoration company as soon as possible. If you wait until tomorrow the damage might spread and affect other areas. Soot is particularly problematic because if you leave it overnight it will corrode metal surfaces and eat through wood.

Don’t hesitate to call us at any time, ABS Emergency Flood Rescue has a team that is always ready to tackle any emergency regardless of what time it is. If you want to minimize the damage done to your property than act quickly and call us at this number (469) 645-0800. One of our units will be at your location in under 30 minutes and ready to start the restoration process.

If you have any more questions about fire damage and how to restore your property from it, you can check our other pages that go into detail on smoke and fire sprinkler restoration or you can message us through our Contact Us page. We have dedicated customer support team that will answer all your questions in the shortest time possible.