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Fire sprinklers are the first line of defense in case of fire accidents. That is why it is of biggest importance to regularly service and maintain them and install one such system if you don’t already have it. Fire sprinkler systems are not simple contraptions as they seem. If you want to have a proper one, then you will need to hire a professional company to handle this task. ABS Emergency Flood Rescue is one such company.

We have the best technicians that will handle everything from planning the system layout to installing and testing the system. A lot of other companies pose as experts in this field, but in truth, they don’t know a thing when it comes to installing, restoring and maintaining fire sprinkler systems. We are not like this, ABS Emergency Flood Rescue has plenty of experience when it comes to all before mentioned jobs. You can read the testimonials of our satisfied clients and see for yourself.

Fire sprinkler services:
• Fire sprinkler installation
Fire sprinkler installation jobs are not just screwing up the valves and counting how much sprinkler heads one property needs. A lot of careful planning is done before we can even begin the installation process. ABS Emergency Flood Rescue technicians will come to your property and plan out the system layout so every little part of your home or office is covered with our sprinkler system. Depending on how big the system is, we will determine the price and after we agree upon everything we can begin with the installation.
This process is pretty straightforward, but it requires a lot of concentration and precise work if you want it done properly. Luckily, our workers know exactly what they are doing and your fire sprinkler system will be installed with no errors. Every valve, sprinkler head, pipe, etc. will be in its place, tightly screwed so nothing breaks apart.
• Fire sprinkler maintenance
Installing your fire sprinkler system is only a half of the work done. Every sprinkler system new or old requires regular checkups and inspections to make sure everything is in its intended place and running properly. This is also regulated by fire marshal law, so if you are not sure how often you need to check your sprinkler system you can check with your fire department, but if you are our client we will remind you of any upcoming maintenance.
• Fire sprinkler restoration
After every fire disaster regardless of how big it was, your fire sprinkler system will need some restoration work. This may be everything from just checking if sprinkler heads are working properly to completely replacing the system itself. Depending on how severe damage your sprinkler system has suffered, ABS Emergency Flood Rescuetechnicians will determine if restoration is an option or if we will need to install a new one. During all these years in the restoration industry, we saw a lot of old fire sprinkler systems, especially in older buildings. We know that Lewisville has plenty of older buildings and if you are living in one, give us a call. Chances are that the system is outdated or broken and it is better to restore it now than after the disaster happens.