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Like fire damage, water damage doesn’t only affect your home or business during the flood itself, but also after. Flood leaves devastation behind it, destroying walls, floors, and even whole properties, but a lot of people don’t realize that the biggest damage usually comes after the flood. If you don’t act quickly and call a restoration company immediately, water will start to enter every nook and cranny in your home and begin its process of destroying it. Fire and water damage have one thing in common, they both require immediate attention, otherwise, the damage will only spread and cost of repair will only increase.

ABS Emergency Flood Rescue offers all kind of flood restoration services, from the mold and sewage cleanup to water extraction and drying of the interior. We have special tools and equipment that help us be more efficient and keep damage to a minimum.

Water damage restoration process
We approach every job differently because every property is unique and on top of that not everyone requires full-service restoration. But all things considered, we have five steps that all water damaged homes and offices require to properly restore them.

Step 1: Evaluation process
Regardless of what type of damage your property has suffered, we always start by evaluating the damage that is done to your property and what services are required to restore it to pre-flood condition. ABS Emergency Flood Rescue has highly trained technicians that will carefully evaluate every part of your property so we are certain if something can be restored or if it needs to be replaced.

Step 2: Water extraction
Next step is to remove all excess water from your property. This is a key part of the process and needs to be done quickly. Luckily, we have special machines and tools that help us clean everything faster than our competition can. It also helps that we have skilled and hardworking workers that will go out of their way to complete their job as fast as possible.

Step 3: Drying process
After all of the water is removed, we can begin the drying process. This requires specialized equipment that is capable of dehumidifying large rooms with ease. ABS Emergency Flood Rescue has advanced equipment specially used on these types of jobs. It is very important that everything is dried thoroughly because if any wet spot is left there is a chance of mold forming on it.

Step 4: Sanitization
Next up is sanitization. We won’t proceed to this step until we are sure no water is left in the house and everything is dry. If you want to properly sanitize your property all above mentioned steps need to be done, otherwise, there is a chance that contaminants will return in form of bacteria and mold. For this step, we use special chemicals and methods that are safe for the environment, but they will certainly sanitize your home or any other affected space.

Step 5: Restoration
Now we can proceed to restoration jobs like, fixing and painting your drywall, repairing your floor, fixing and replacing all damaged pipes and wires, etc. With ABS Emergency Flood Rescue there is no need for other construction companies, we will take care of everything. Our workers will make sure that everything is returned to its previous condition, just as you want it.