Common slang for female vagina

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Pruning the orchid Gorilla in the washing machine The very three are the degrading, and offensive ways to talk about the vagina. Snatch — when you grab a quickie Golden Snatch — Gold diggers have one. Leave a comment in the nether region!
The vagina is, of course, the correct word to describe female genitals. But while ' vagina' is the clinically correct term, squeamishness continues. Currently, the most common term used to describe a lady's vagina is – pussy. However, the following are more poetic and cute names for a lady's vagina.

14 weird and wonderful words parents use for vagina

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Also I have heard of coochie, sugar bowl, yoni, and teetee from different people. Get our newsletter every Friday!
As a lot of Women called Francis became Fanny in 19th century. C u next Tuesday TV , Season 2 Episode 4 censored in hope of resolving Google's penalty against this site. Last edited on May 15 Did we miss any good ones? Spraying the crops Notify me of new posts by email.
Do you need nicknames for vagina; other names you can call a vagina other than the traditional words; Pussy, Cunt, Coochie, and Vagina? Want to learn how to talk dirty to your woman? Maybe you want to spice up your sexting or pen an erotic novel. Or, perhaps you just want a good laugh. Ye old euphemisms were even wackier than modern ones:. For those wanting to write a steamy sex scene or a tantalizing love letter, here are some literary Common slang for female vagina and erotic slangs for Vagina:.
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