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Sewage water is extremely harmful to the environment and people. It contains bacteria, viruses and other microbes that can cause infections, diseases, and even death. If your sewage water has spilled out you should immediately contact us and we will gladly help you deal with this problem. As with any water damage, there is no time to waste. The longer you wait the more contaminated your home will become.

ABS Emergency Flood Rescue always has one team that is ready for these types of emergencies. Sewage cleanup is not a job for amateurs and untrained individuals. Our workers come equipped with all necessary tools and protective gear that will keep them safe from infections and diseases.

Contaminated water is classified into three categories ranging from the least contaminated to the most. Every level of contamination has different hazards and cleaning each one requires different tools and protective gear.

• Clean Water: First level is clean water and it usually doesn’t have any contaminants. This doesn’t mean that it can’t turn into category 2 or 3, especially if left for long periods of time. The source of this water is usually clean like a broken pipe or faucet.
• Grey Water: The second level is slightly contaminated water. It comes from leaking toilets, overflowing dishwashers, etc. This water contains bacteria and viruses that can cause infection and poisoning. Gloves and masks are absolutely necessary and sanitization of space is crucial.
• Black Water: The third level is the worst. Black water contains extremely harmful chemicals, bacteria, and viruses. It comes from overflowing toilets that contain feces, overflowing rivers, etc. You shouldn’t ingest this water under any circumstance or you might die. When handling this level of contamination our works wear full body protective gear because even inhaling the air around it can cause health problems.