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Smoke and soot are byproducts of fire that can cause even more damage to your property if left untreated. On top of that if you don’t properly remove them from all cracks and corners they can cause serious health problems in the future. ABS Emergency Flood Rescue has all necessary equipment to handle such a task. Our mitigation experts have plenty of experience when it comes to smoke and odor removal. It is important to act quickly because every minute that passes smoke and soot will corrode your metal surfaces, clog up the ventilation openings and even cause irreparable damage to walls and floors.

Smoke removal process
There isn’t much when it comes to smoke removal process itself, but it shouldn’t be handled by amateurs in any case. Even though the process itself is pretty straightforward we will need special tools and chemicals to properly get rid of every smoke particle.

• Step 1: First off we will have to clean as much as possible in the affected area. That means removing all items and furniture that are affected and properly disposing of them. We need to do this so we are able to access every corner and every crack when we start the main cleaning process.
• Step 2: Because there is no time to waste we will have to immediately start scrubbing walls, floors, and any other affected surface. This is where our equipment and knowledge comes in handy. Our workers are trained to quickly and precisely remove any soot residue that has piled up in rooms. It also helps that we have advanced tools and machines that increase our efficiency.
• Step 3: Once we have removed all toxic gasses and residue, we can begin with deodorizing your property. We use special odor repellents that will not only mask bad smells, but completely remove them.