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Properly restoring property after it has suffered any type of damage takes a lot of time and work. Handling such a task by yourself is not only dangerous, but it will also cost you much more than hiring a professional restoration company. ABS Emergency Flood Rescue specializes in restoring both commercial and residential properties from all types of damage. We are offering every type of restoration service from water and fire restoration to mold and smoke remediation.

Our workers can even get rid of debris and properly remove contaminated furniture and items. With us, you won’t be needing to hire additional companies to handle different tasks. ABS Emergency Flood Rescue offers full-service restoration regardless of how big the job is and what type of damage are we dealing with.

Our process usually consists of six carefully planned out steps. Every property that has suffered even the smallest amount of damage poses as a threat to the owner itself and to the surrounding area. Everything from the environmental hazards from contaminated water to structural hazards from weekend walls, needs to be taken into consideration if you want to avoid any future disasters or damage. Even though every job is unique, we usually stick to our previously thought out plan, but in some cases, we might deviate from our schedule.

Step1: Emergency Contact
Immediately after you contact us about your emergency, we will send out one of our response teams. They are highly trained people that are familiar and experienced in any type of restoration job. Our response time is under 30 minutes. ABS Emergency Flood Rescue is fully aware that emergencies might pop up at any time of the year that is why we are available even throughout the holidays just in case someone needs us.

Step 2: Damage Assessment
After we have arrived at your location, our technicians will start assessing the amount of damage we are dealing with. During this time we will be able to give you what type of services you are needing and what will be the price of all that. But don’t stress out about payment too much. ABS Emergency Flood Rescue offers direct insurance billing option, so you won’t see any paperwork about payment. We know that handling your insurance company’s paperwork is the last thing on your mind in situations like these, so please let our employees handle this for you. You can focus on your family and help them deal with the situation you are all going through.

Step 3: Immediate Board-Up
Sometimes houses suffer huge amounts of damage and they need to be boarded-up. This part of the process is very important because it prevents your home from more damage. For example, the fire might have devastated one part of your house, leaving it open to the elements. If that hole isn’t boarded-up you might risk water coming in from the rain and other sources. Our workers will immediately board-up your home and begin with our next step.

Step 4: Water Removal and Drying
Water removal and drying of all surfaces is an essential part of the restoration process. Even if your property wasn’t affected by the flood, chances are that fire department left some of it during their extinguishing efforts. When it comes to water damage it is very important to act quickly and remove every last drop of it. The longer it stays in your home or office the bigger damage it will cause to the structure. If left long enough your property might lose its structural integrity and you might be forced to tear it down. ABS Emergency Flood Rescue workers will immediately jump on this task and dry your home to the last drop. We have special equipment that helps us be efficient.

Step 5: Cleaning and Repair
The next step is where you see the most progress. It might be second to last step, but usually, this is where the majority of work is done. We will remove any contaminated items and send them to the restoration process if that is an option. If not we will remove them according to regulations. In this step, we will repair any parts of the wall, floor, and roof that might be damaged. We need to make sure that every part of the property is structurally secure before we continue with final restoration step.

Step 6: Restoration
Lastly, we will restore everything to its previous condition. Your kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, etc. everything will be restored as you wish. ABS Emergency Flood Rescue doesn’t just restore your home or office. We will make sure that you are protected from future disasters by reinforcing your walls and floors with waterproof materials, we will replace bad and old pipes with new ones, etc. There is no sure way of protecting your home from floods and fires, but these actions will minimize damage if such disaster happens again.